The Legend of Vitamin C in Orange Juice

Vitamina C en Zumo de Naranja

Generation after generation has passed down the urban legend about how long it takes for Vitamin C to disappear from orange juice. Is this true, and should we drink the glass fast to reap the full benefits of this vitamin? As orange juice experts and professional orange juicer manufacturers, today we will talk about vitamin C in orange juice.

The quick answer is easy: emphatically NO.

Due to the great popularity of this legend, studies have been carried out to test the level of Vitamin C over time in freshly squeezed orange juice. The results are clear: If the juice is kept cold, the Vitamin C level does not decrease even after 72 hours.

Mujer con Naranjas

When does the Vitamin C content decrease?

Heat is the great enemy of this vitamin. In these studies it was observed that the only variable in which the juice can lose its valuable treasure is when it is heated. Heat is the number one enemy of Vitamin C because it destroys it, causing the levels in orange juice to decrease.

How to avoid vitamin loss from orange juice?

The answer is simple: keeping orange juice fresh. That’s why the best way to serve and drink orange juice is cold. Especially now that the summer heat is approaching and it can refresh our days in a healthy and natural way.

Our orange juice machines produce fresh juice, without going through the refrigerator, healthy and energizing with all the vitamin that the orange has by itself.

Ahora que ya sabes esto, no dejes que te metan prisa para disfrutar de tu zumo de naranja fresco y saludable

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