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We have a wide variety of spare parts and accessories of our own.

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We pass the highest quality standards

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We are committed to caring for the planet.

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We renew our designs and invest in R&D.


The new design of our juicers is inspired by Generation Z, which is ready to move the world and guide us in trends. That’s why we wanted to reflect it in our juicers, giving a Z shape to the design of the bowls, breaking with the current style.

They have been designed by and for this modern generation, which inspires us and makes us evolve in the style and development of our machines, adapting with them to the changes in our machines in order to offer them the latest in innovation.


All our range of juicers can incorporate a connectivity module, which will turn them into digital equipment 4.0 with all the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

This technology informs you in real time about the status of your machine, stores in the cloud all historical data regarding consumption dates, location, peak demand hours, etc.

zumera profesional


Carlos Botella Pérez
Carlos Botella Pérez
LOS MEJORES EXPRIMIDORES AL MEJOR PRECIO Esta empresa fabrica exprimidores sencillos, robustos y eficientes que se adaptan a cualquier tipo de establecimiento. Tienen un servicio post-venta eficaz y un servicio técnico que lo da todo por sus cliente. Lo recomiendo !
Álvaro Martínez Mateu
Álvaro Martínez Mateu
Puedo confirmar que en Mizumo hay trabajo de calidad, y un fantástico equipo. Esta es una compañía en constante crecimiento y es un gran lugar donde descubrir como de bien sabe el zumo de naranja.
Ricardo Martinez López
Ricardo Martinez López
Muy buen servicio y gestion del producto, buen trato comercial con facilidades para todo tipo de establecimientos
Eduardo Perozo
Eduardo Perozo
Excelentes profesionales y servicios
Ana Sánchez González
Ana Sánchez González
La mejor manera de obteber zumo recién exprimido. Rápido, fácil y limpio.
La mejor máquina de zumo del mundo mundial Zumo recién exprimido rápido y maquina fácil de limpiar Trato de la empresa inmejorable
Jose Fº Tarraga Garcia
Jose Fº Tarraga Garcia
Muy profesionales


We have a large number of parts

and with the best technical service.


Discover all the accessories 

we have designed.


The first thing you have to keep in mind is that we have different models of orange juicers, so depending on your needs you can choose the one that best suits you.

These being a professional model, are distinguished by having more power and being faster. They take advantage of 100% of the oranges and some models also have a large capacity to work with large quantities of fruit.

Their operation is quite easy, since they start working when the oranges are introduced and the corresponding button is pressed.

It should be noted that there are some factors of the product that you have to take into account at the time of purchase, such as the elements that compose it. You have to be aware of the filter, the drip system, if it is single or double head. Each aspect is important at the moment of choosing the ideal model to cover your needs correctly.

In Mizumo Juicer we can say that there is no such thing as the best professional orange juicer, since everything varies according to the user’s needs and what they are looking for.

Here you will get high quality products, easy to use, with unique and exclusive designs that will also last a long time, so you don’t have to waste any more time and get to know the models we have for you.

Prices depend on the sophistication, design and component factors of the product and material.

If you are looking for a professional juice machine, you should know that getting one of them brings several advantages that will directly benefit your catering business.

By offering a natural orange juice in less time, your customers will be able to taste a unique product that will immediately attract the attention of other users to your establishment.

We are committed to making juicers easy to use, robust, with high quality materials and affordable for everyone that will increase your production. No matter what type of juicer you are looking for, here at Mizumo you will find small, convenient and powerful juicers.

Through our juicers you will be able to acquire the following advantages:

Saving time that can be used in other activities.
You will obtain a completely natural juice for your customers with a unique flavor that will make your customers happy and in a short time.
Unlike juicers from other brands, Mizumo juicers do not squeeze the fruit, but compress them in order to get more and better juice. You will notice that most of the pulp will remain inside the orange to extract the most juice without extracting the bitter taste of the peel.
You will optimize your catering service.
With the help of a professional Mizumo juicer you will have a more hygienic and cleaner process.
Modern, high quality and resistant models that are, at the same time, aesthetic, giving that special touch to your business.
Squeeze various types of fruits (lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, etc.).
Less noise.
The juice can be used for different things, so you will have the opportunity to make the most of it while maintaining the naturalness and freshness of the fruit.
Easy to use and clean.
There is no doubt that the benefits obtained by means of a Mizumo professional juicer are huge, so don’t hesitate any longer and get to know the models we have for you.

Many people think that professional juicers can only be in a restaurant, cafeteria or any other business related to the hospitality industry, but the reality is different from that.

A good professional juicer can become a very useful tool for break rooms or company kitchens because you will be providing your employees with a quick and easy alternative to obtain a natural and great tasting product that, in most cases, is missing in this type of work space.

The advantages that you will obtain with the help of a professional orange juicer have already been mentioned. Therefore, your employees will be able to feel more comfortable and save time from their breaks by having more effectiveness.

We have noticed that many of our customers have dedicated themselves to buying the products we offer because they want to provide a better work experience for their workers and the results have been wonderful.

It is important to know that workers of any company or business require comfort and a good experience in their break times and work, so having comfortable and easy to use tools for their break areas are essential.

Knowing this reality, we are dedicated to provide models that adapt to these needs. Therefore, you can get one of our products from the compact category or the Next Gen line, which are quite elegant and aesthetic, we are sure that they will be a functional and decorative element quite beneficial for your company and to the taste of everyone in the company.

What are you waiting for to buy a professional juicer from Mizumo for your company? Your employees will thank you and you will see a greater comfort in them to be able to have a natural and delicious juice in their moments of rest, leaving behind the artificial drinks and with an unpleasant taste.

Most citrus fruits use the same tool and as mentioned above, the perfect juicer will depend on each person’s needs and the features that will meet their needs.

Both products are very useful, but their functionality differs because the juicer is used to extract the juice from citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, and others… While the extractor is in charge of extracting the juice from any fruit or vegetable.

In our company we have 4 different lines of Mizumo orange juicers which are:

  • Compact line: Ideal for small businesses, even at home. If you have a business and you have little space or you have little demand for juice, this line of juicers is perfect for you.
  • Horeca Line: They are used for restaurants, cafes and others that need fresh juice, they have more capacity than the compact line and we have several models.
  • Large Supermarkets Line: It is a professional orange juicer that is designed to meet large demands, and place it in supermarkets and stores.
  • Next Gen Line: It is a juicer with elegant design that will adapt to any space while also acting as a decorative element.
    Each of these lines has several models, so don’t waste any more time and get to know our product catalog, we are sure you will find the perfect model ideal for you.

We have several accessories that will help you optimize your product to generate better results. Do not hesitate to know the Mizumo Juicer accessories.

Buy your Mizumo orange juicer right now!

More and more people are choosing to consume natural products without dyes or any other chemical preservatives that, in the long term, affect people’s health.

A very good alternative to have a healthy diet is with a professional juicer at home, where you can get citrus fruit juices in seconds while maintaining a natural flavor, without any preservatives or dyes and with few calories.

Why not have a professional orange juicer at home? You don’t have to worry anymore about looking for healthy options in the market for your drinks, since most of the time it is almost impossible to find something that suits your needs.

With natural juice you will have all the benefits that fruit has to offer!

You will have juice with few steps, easy and hygienic processing, and a product that is very easy to clean and maintain. Our models are made with resistant materials, of the best quality to originate a durable final juicer that can help you get the best natural orange juice for a long time.

We are a brand that has been created by a passionate team in search of an alternative to improve the experience of catering businesses, homes and companies in terms of obtaining natural juices.

Previously, the orange juicers that were in the market were manual or, complex to use making the activity more difficult, adding that the fruit was not used 100%.


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