Offering healthy juices in spas and fitness centers can make all the difference in your customers’ experience. The benefits of including a fresh juice area in your facility are numerous.

First, healthy juices provide your customers with a refreshing and nutritious option after their physical activities. After an intense workout at the gym or a relaxing session at the spa, fresh juices provide instant hydration and a dose of essential vitamins and minerals to aid in the body’s recovery and revitalization.

In addition, offering healthy juices at your spa or fitness center demonstrates your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Clients are looking for options that allow them to stay fit and take care of their wellness. By providing fresh, healthy juices, you are promoting a balanced diet and supporting your clients’ goals in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


When selecting a juicer for your spa or gym, there are several important factors to consider:

Ease of use and extraction speed: Opt for a juicer that is easy to operate and has an adequate extraction speed to meet the demand of your customers. Models with automatic functions and fast extraction will speed up the process and allow for efficient service.

High-speed juicers for fast service: If your spa or fitness center has a high volume of customers and needs to serve juices quickly, automatic juicers are ideal. These models can extract juice quickly, allowing for a steady flow and efficient service.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Choose a juicer that is easy to disassemble and clean. Consider juicers with dishwasher-safe parts and wear-resistant materials. Easy and quick cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene and ensure optimal performance.

Commercial-grade juicers for high-demand environments: To ensure durability and performance in high-demand environments, choose juicers designed specifically for commercial use. These models are constructed of heavy-duty materials and have additional features to withstand intensive use.

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At MIZUMO, we offer a selection of professional juicers designed specifically for spas and fitness centers. Our juicers meet the highest quality standards and are designed to provide exceptional performance in commercial environments.

Ease of use and speed of extraction

Our professional juicers stand out for their ease of use and speed of extraction. With intuitive controls and automatic options, they are easy to operate even for unskilled personnel. In addition, they offer fast extraction, allowing you to serve your customers efficiently.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

We understand the importance of cleaning and maintenance in spa and fitness environments. That’s why our spa and fitness center juicers are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Their removable parts are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

High speed juicers for quick service

If you are looking for a fast and efficient solution, our high-speed juicers are the ideal choice. With fast and continuous extraction, you will be able to serve juices to your customers quickly, even in times of high demand.

Deliver healthy juices with our spa and fitness juicers.

At MIZUMO, we understand the importance of offering healthy options to your spa and fitness customers. Our selection of professional juicers is designed to help you provide fresh, nutritious juices. With features such as ease of use, extraction speed and durability, our juicers are the perfect choice to meet your facility’s needs. Contact us today to find the right juicer for your spa or gym and enhance your customers’ experience with healthy juices!