The prestigious magazine “Restauración News” has dedicated an article to Mizumo highlighting our company and our latest range of products: NextGen.

In this Mizumo article, we highlight the innovation and success that the introduction of the NextGen series of juicers to the market has generated. Our team has worked hard to develop this range, and we are delighted to see how it has captured the attention of industry professionals and lovers of good design.

NextGen, much more than a juicer

The NextGen professional orange juicer is a novel and attractive concept that has redefined the juicing experience. Its sleek design and modular architecture offer unparalleled versatility, providing an intuitive and safe experience for users.

The improved automation and degree of autonomy, the result of our highly dedicated R&D department, have been enthusiastically received by customers. In addition, the NextGen series is available in 4 interchangeable colors, making it attractive to a variety of professionals, from designers to corporate managers.

The Mizumo article highlights that, as a company, we are committed not only to offering high quality products, but also to promoting a healthy lifestyle. That is why our complete range of professional juicers, including the NextGen series, is on display in our permanent showroom in Elche Parque Empresarial.

We are grateful for the coverage that “Restoration News” has given to our brand and our products. This motivates us to continue innovating and leading the juicer market with passion and dedication.

We invite you to read the full Mizumo article in the “Restoration News” magazine to learn more about our NextGen range and how we are revolutionising the way fresh, natural juices are enjoyed. Thank you for being part of our success!

Read the full article here.