Mizumo Juicing Machines Buying Guide

mizumo juicing machines

If you are a lover of fresh juice and are looking for a professional orange juicer, our Mizumo Juicing Machines are an excellent option to consider. At Mizumo we are known for offering a variety of juicers designed to meet the needs of everyone from health enthusiasts to natural juice lovers.

In this buying guide, we will explore the different models of Mizumo Juicing Machines available on the market, highlight their key features and help you choose the right one for your individual needs.



The Mizumo Easy Pro Z orange juicer is an ideal choice for those looking for simplicity, robustness and efficiency in their juicer. Designed to serve freshly squeezed orange juice easily, quickly and economically.

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: This Mizumo juicer stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. It is a juicer designed to make the process of extracting orange juice quick and easy. Its manual operation is intuitive and allows you to squeeze up to 22 oranges per minute, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want to serve fresh juices economically and efficiently.
  • Robustness and Durability: This model is constructed with steel internal gears, ensuring maximum robustness and durability. In addition, its housing is designed to be tough and durable, making it suitable for constant use in hospitality environments. Its electronics-free design also contributes to its reliability and longevity.
Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Easy Pro Z Black is a variant of the Mizumo Easy Pro Z Black juicer, but with an attractive, modern black colour that gives it an elegant touch. In addition to its appearance, it shares the same key features that make these Mizumo Juicing Machines an excellent choice.

  1. Elegance and Style: The EASY PRO Z BLACK stands out for its elegant black colour, which is not only visually appealing, but also practical, as it helps to keep the juicer clean and well-maintained, even in high-traffic environments. Its modern appearance makes it an ideal choice for establishments that value design and aesthetics.
  2. High Performance Functionality: Like the standard EASY PRO Z, the Black model offers high performance, squeezing up to 22 oranges per minute. This makes it an efficient tool to meet the demand for fresh orange juice in hospitality environments. The combination of its sleek design and advanced functionality makes it an attractive and effective choice.
Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Mizumo Easy Pro Z SS orange juicer is an exceptional choice for those in the catering business looking for quality and efficiency. Designed especially to meet the demands of professionals, this automatic juicer stands out for its high-end features.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The housing is made of high quality stainless steel, which not only gives it an elegant appearance, but also ensures durability and corrosion resistance. This is essential for intensive use in hospitality environments.
  • Anti-slip base: The Easy Pro SS has an anti-slip base that provides stability and safety during operation. This prevents unwanted movements and contributes to a safer squeezing process.
Mizumo Juicing Machines


When we talk about Mizumo Next Gen juicers, we emphasise that they are a high quality device that represent the perfect union between functionality and contemporary design. These mizumo juicing machines are an exceptional choice for establishments where aesthetics are a priority. Available in two colours, black and white, the Mizumo Next Gen juicers blend effortlessly into any environment, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Contemporary Design: The Mizumo Next Gen is distinguished by its contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. Its modern look makes it an attractive design piece for any space, whether it’s a high-end restaurant, a trendy coffee shop or an avant-garde bar.

Variety of Colours: This juicer is available in two colour options: black and white. This choice of colours allows business owners to adapt the juicer to the aesthetics of their premises, providing visual cohesion in the environment.

Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Mizumo Auto-Pro Z Orange Juicer is an innovative tool specially designed to simplify the process of extracting juice from oranges in significant quantities. This juicer is distinguished by its automatic orange feeding system, which means that it can process large quantities of fruit quickly and efficiently, without requiring constant human intervention.

Efficient Automation: The most outstanding feature of the Mizumo Auto-Pro Z is its ability to operate fully automatically. This makes it the ideal choice for hospitality establishments and catering businesses that need to produce large volumes of fresh orange juice continuously and without fuss.

Superior Performance: Thanks to its advanced design and technology, the Auto-Pro Z can squeeze a significant amount of oranges in a short period of time. This translates into higher productivity and the ability to meet demand even at times of high customer flow.

Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Mizumo Auto-Pro Z Counter Orange Juicer is an exceptional investment for any business that demands large quantities of fresh orange juice on a consistent basis. This juicer stands out for its automatic orange feeding system and timer counter, making it the perfect choice for establishments with a high volume of juice production. It differs from its predecessor in that it includes a timer/programmer and a start/stop button.

Advanced Automation: One of the outstanding features of the Mizumo Auto-Pro Z Counter is its advanced automation capability. Thanks to its automatic orange feeding system, the juicer can process a large amount of fruit without requiring constant manual intervention. This is especially beneficial in high-demand environments.

Timer Counter: The timer counter is an additional feature that allows accurate tracking of orange juice production. This is invaluable for businesses that need to keep a detailed record of their production and effectively manage resources.


The Mizumo Self Service Pro Z orange juicer is an innovative device specially designed for self-service in establishments such as restaurants, cafeterias, hotels or supermarkets. This juicer has an automatic feeding system that allows it to load up to 20 kg of oranges, and its performance capacity reaches 40 oranges per minute.

Efficient Self Service: The Mizumo Self Service Pro Z is perfectly suited to environments where customers want to serve themselves their own fresh orange juice. With its automatic feeding system, customers can load the oranges themselves, streamlining the process and providing a convenient and efficient experience.

High throughput: The processing capacity of up to 40 oranges per minute ensures that even at times of high customer flow, the juicer can meet demand without delay. This is essential in establishments where speed is key.

Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Mizumo Industrial Z orange juicer is an innovative tool specifically designed for the industrial production of fresh orange juice. This juicer stands out for its automatic feeding system with a capacity to hold up to 20 kg of oranges and its impressive throughput capacity of up to 40 oranges per minute. In addition, the Industrial Z is equipped with a reservoir with a tap for the storage and dispensing of large quantities of fresh orange juice.

Efficient Industrial Production: The Mizumo Industrial Z is designed to meet the demands of large-scale production. Its high-speed automatic orange processing capability makes it the ideal choice for factories, food processing plants and other industrial environments where efficient production is essential.

Tap Tank: The tap tank feature allows large volumes of fresh orange juice to be stored and dispensed conveniently and easily. This is especially beneficial for companies that need to supply orange juice in bulk.

Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Easy-Pro (P) Orange Juicer by Mizumo stands out for its simplicity and versatility. This version is the most economical option, as the juicer body is made of orange lacquered steel, with the exception of the part that is in contact with the juice, which is still made of stainless steel to ensure proper hygiene.

Simplicity and Efficiency: The Easy-Pro (P) is recognised as our “Best Seller” due to its ability to combine simplicity, robustness and efficiency in a single product. If your goal is to serve freshly squeezed orange juice easily, quickly and economically, this is the ideal juicer for you.

Durable Construction: This juicer is built on a stainless steel body, which not only makes it easy to clean, but also ensures excellent hygiene and durability. The stainless steel part in contact with the juice is essential to maintain quality and food safety.

The Mizumo Easy-Pro (P) is a reliable choice for businesses looking for an economical yet effective solution for fresh orange juice extraction.

Mizumo Juicing Machines


The Mizumo Easy-Pro Evo (P) Pódium Orange Juicer represents an evolution in versatility and capacity. This version extends the possibilities of the already versatile Easy-Pro Evo model by incorporating a podium that houses a waste container with an impressive capacity of 40 litres and wheels for easy mobility.

Expanded Versatility: The Easy-Pro Evo (P) Podium takes versatility to another level. The addition of the podium not only provides ample space for waste collection, but also makes the juicer easier to move, which is essential in environments where flexibility is needed.

Mizumo Juicing Machines

Choosing the Mizumo Juicing Machines

When choosing a Mizumo Juicing Machines, consider your personal needs and preferences:

  • Juice Type: Do you prefer cold-squeezed juice to retain nutrients or are you looking for a quick and powerful option?
  • Design: Do you care about the design and aesthetics of the machine?
  • Experience Level: Are you an expert squeezer or a beginner?
  • Versatility: Need a machine that can do more than just juice?

With these considerations in mind, you can choose the Mizumo juicer that best suits your needs.

In short, Mizumo offers a wide range of Mizumo Juicing Machines with unique features for every type of user. Whether you are an expert juicer or a beginner, there is a Mizumo model that will meet your needs. Choose wisely and enjoy delicious fresh juices in the comfort of your home.

With Mizumo, you’re not just getting a machine, you’re getting a partner in hospitality excellence – find out today how our Mizumo Juicing Machines can transform your business!