Small Industrial Orange Juicer: Compact Power for your Business


Mizumo’s Easy Pro Z redefines versatility in the world of industrial juicers. This innovative machine, available in Black and SS (stainless steel) versions, is the result of intelligent research and development that prioritises practicality without sacrificing quality or safety. If you are looking for a small industrial orange juicer, you are in the right place: our professional juicers are suitable for any type of business.

The Mizumo juicer represents the perfect fusion of industrial efficiency and compact size, offering businesses of all sizes a versatile solution for fresh orange juice production. Diving into its key features, we discover how this equipment revolutionises the way businesses manage their juice production.

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Efficiency in Small Spaces

The compact design of the Easy Pro Z makes it the perfect partner for small spaces. In cafés, bars or restaurants with limited work areas, this machine fits in seamlessly. Its ability to integrate into small environments makes it an ideal choice for start-ups or those with limited working space.

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Power and Performance

Despite its size, the Mizumo Easy Pro Z does not skimp on power. With the capacity to process up to 22 oranges per minute, this machine guarantees a constant flow of fresh juice. Its efficient, high-performance motor not only speeds up production, but also ensures consistent performance, vital to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Compact Design, Efficient Production

Ease of use and maintenance is complemented by a design that prioritises practicality and functionality. The Easy Pro Z is equipped with a safety sensor that prevents operation if the housing is not correctly assembled, ensuring protection at all times. In addition, its removable hopper facilitates cleaning, guaranteeing an optimal standard of hygiene in every use.

zumera profesional zumera profesional exprimodores para hostelería

Ease of Use and Maintenance

This professional orange juicer, which operates with manual orange feed, stands out for its simplicity. With no unnecessary electronic components, the machine focuses on doing the job efficiently and uncomplicatedly. The steel gears ensure maximum robustness, prolonging the life of the equipment and minimising wear and tear.

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Small Industrial Orange Juicer

The Mizumo Easy Pro Z embodies the very essence of a Small Industrial Orange Juicer, redefining standards in the juicer industry. This compact and powerful machine stands as the answer to the relentless pursuit of efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Its innovative design makes it an invaluable ally for businesses of all sizes, from small coffee shops to larger establishments.

What sets the Easy Pro Z apart is its ability to combine reliable power with a compact structure. This perfect amalgamation allows the orange juice production process to be not only more efficient, but also more streamlined and consistent. The versatility of this Small Industrial Orange Juicer is evident in its smart and functional design. The Easy Pro Z fits effortlessly into tight spaces, making it the ideal choice for businesses with limited work areas. In addition, its focus on ease of use and maintenance is evident in details such as the safety sensor that ensures safe operation at all times and the removable hopper that simplifies daily cleaning and maintenance.

In short, the Mizumo Easy Pro Z is much more than just a juicer. It is the perfect synthesis of efficiency, quality and practicality. This machine not only simplifies the process of orange juice production.