More profitable juicers for the hospitality industry

Juicers for the hospitality industry

If you are a person who has a catering business, you know the importance of having instruments and tools that optimize processing. One of the products that can not miss in your establishment is a juicer, so in Mizumo we have for you the best juicers for catering, which have become a more profitable solution that bring multiple advantages.

Through our products you will have a delicious, fresh, quality juice with an appealing smell that all your customers will love because it will keep all its properties and, in addition, it will be a totally natural juice.

Come and see the models of professional orange juicers for the hotel and catering industry that we offer in our company!

Mizumo: The best models of juicers for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is recognized worldwide for its high demand, being essential to offer a high quality service to keep customers coming back and make your business successful because it’s all about meeting the needs of consumers, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry.

One of the demands that today’s consumers have when it comes to food is freshness and avoiding artificial products. In the case of juices, more and more people want to consume natural juice and to achieve this you will have to use quality fruits and help you to take advantage of it with efficient juicers for catering.

Consequently, we have the following lines of juicers for the hospitality industry that have earned the support and recognition of all people nationally and internationally.

Next, we will mention which are the models that we offer in juicers for the hotel and catering industry:

Easy-Pro SS orange juicer

It has the same features as the previous model, but its performance is medium squeezing 20 to 25 oranges per minute with a stainless steel body quite aesthetic and robust.

Easy-Pro Z orange juicer

It is another of the alternatives that we offer as juicers for the catering industry, having the same specifications as the two previous models, although its size is slightly larger.

Orange juicer Easy-Pro Z Black

Its capacity is 20 to 25 oranges per minute and its stainless steel body mixes aesthetics by having a black colored part that is quite eye-catching for people.

Auto-Pro Z orange juicer

It is a self-service model, i.e. customers can serve their own juice without any problem. Therefore, you can place it in a place where everyone has access to it and its performance capacity is high with a stainless steel body.

Next Gen orange juicer

It comes available in two colors, black and white with an average consumption rate that squeezes 20 to 25 oranges per minute. Its aesthetics make it perfect for high-end catering establishments.

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