Here is an interview with our CEO José Luis during the HIP 2020 trade show, where Mizumo participated as a featured exhibitor.

Discover the latest news from Mizumo Juicer at HIP 2020!

During the prestigious HIP 2020 trade show José Luis CEO of MIZUMO shared exciting details about our company’s achievements and progress, and we would like to share them with you.

One of the main innovations presented at the show was the impressive Mizumo Next Gen. This juicer is much more than just a machine; it represents our focus on cutting-edge design and its ability to blend seamlessly into highly atmospheric environments. The carefully crafted designs of the Mizumo Next Gen capture attention and create a visually appealing experience.

Highest level of digitization

“In addition, we have taken our company to an unprecedented level of digitalization. “At Mizumo Juicer, we have embraced digital transformation in an exceptional way. This initiative has allowed us to improve our internal processes and provide a more efficient and satisfying experience for our customers. We are proud to offer a level of digitalization that has never been seen before in our industry.

About the Horeca sector

As we know, the horeca sector is full of constant changes and challenges that are difficult to predict in the long term. However, at Mizumo Juicer, we stand out for being a flexible and highly adaptable company. We are committed to always being at the forefront of industry trends and needs. Our ability to adapt quickly to change and our open-mindedness has allowed us to remain at the top of the industry.

Omnichannel distribution channel

In addition, we have implemented an omnichannel distribution system to satisfy our customers’ demands. We recognize that our consumers expect to access our products in a variety of ways: whether in physical stores, online or through delivery services. At Mizumo Juicer, we ensure that our products are available in the most convenient way possible to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Assessment at the HIP 2020 trade fair

The evaluation of our participation in the HIP 2020 fair has been extremely positive. During the event, we had the opportunity to interact with numerous industry professionals and distributors. This not only allowed us to promote our brand in a significant way, but also to establish valuable contacts. We share the DNA of the fair, which is based on innovation, and this has been fundamental to our success at the event.

In summary, the interview with José Luis, CEO of Mizumo Juicer, revealed our commitment to innovation and design excellence. The Mizumo Next Gen is a testament to our passion for delivering aesthetically appealing and highly functional products. In addition, our digital transformation has taken us to a level of efficiency never seen before. In an ever-changing horeca sector, our flexibility and adaptability keep us at the forefront. And, of course, the HIP 2020 show was a resounding success, allowing us to connect with key professionals and distributors, promote our brand and establish valuable contacts.

At Mizumo Juicer, we remain committed to innovation and providing high quality solutions for the hospitality industry. Stay tuned for our next updates and find out how Mizumo continues to revolutionize the industry!