Take advantage of the best period of oranges!

Although you don’t know a lot about the world of oranges, sure you’re able to realize it is starting the best period for oranges, and there is more interesting data on this issueAlthough Spain is recognized as a country where a large number of varieties are grown, the originating countries are India, Vietnam and southeastern China, Spain is the second country after the United States, with increased the production of oranges.


Orange field

Last year, the worldwide orange production was 19,613,343 tons, including the production of 8,187,323 tons of the United States and Spain, with 3.397 million tons. This means that Spain produce 17.2% of oranges worldwide.

Spain has the name “The country of oranges” thanks to the high export volume; Spain exported 47.5% of the total production last year, what makes Spain well known for his oranges in other countries.


Why are our oranges so good?

The high percentage of exports implies that Spain has a high demand of oranges from other countries. This means that we produce good quality oranges. The key is that we have areas with excellent weather conditions and a long tradition of citrus crops.







What kinds of oranges are there? Do we know all types of oranges in the world?

In general, the oranges are divided in 2 groups, sweet and bitter:

The sweet group can be divided into subgroups: Navel, Valencia and White or Sanguine. And the bitter group exists of the Persian oranges.

To read more about the varieties of oranges (Spanish article), you can enter in these links: http://www.mercadocalabajio.com/2012/10/variedades-de-naranjas-temporadas-y.html


Tips for selecting good oranges

las naranjas

Good oranges

We’ll give you some tips for buying good oranges.

The first thing you will have to know is that the best period of oranges starts in October and lasts until February month.

A good orange does not always depend on the outside (the skin). This feature does not indicate a higher product quality. Moreover, even the color of the non-organic oranges may be due to an injection of artificial coloring in their skin. They do this so they look nicer in greengrocers.

The truth is that oranges are partially green chalk strokes or color if they are ripe. When you go to buy, avoid those with soft spots or mold remains.

Choose oranges with a soft texture and firm skin while because they are the ones most juice. In general, smaller oranges are juicier than larger ones.

Oranges can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Oranges of good quality, last about two weeks under optimal conditions.

For more tips on how to prepare oranges, store and other curiosities, you can read this article: http://www.adelgazarysalud.com/alimentos/la-naranja-indispensable-en-tu-cocina


And finally…

We have said that we have approach the season of citrus. Although it is rare be on the field enjoying the fresh fruit straight from the orange tree, we can convey this feeling preparing a freshly squeezed orange juice or drinking it in a bar or any place where serving fresh orange juice.

And for professional in the hostelry sector: take advantage of this period to squeeze the highest quality orange juice with our automatic juicers serving to your customers. They know the difference.

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