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In the hospitality industry, professional juice squeezers are an essential tool for providing fresh and healthy beverages to customers. However, acquiring this equipment new can be costly for many businesses. In this article, we will explore the benefits of second-hand catering machinery rental and how Mizumo stands out as the ideal choice to meet your business needs as your professional juice squeezer supplier

1. Economic savings without compromising quality :

Renting pre-owned professional juicers from Mizumo offers a cost-effective solution for hospitality businesses. Unlike purchasing new equipment, renting allows you to save significant upfront costs and put that capital towards other areas of importance, such as purchasing high quality ingredients or promoting your business. Mizumo is proud to offerCatering machinery rental, pre-owned professional juicers in excellent working condition, guaranteeing quality and performance to meet the needs of your business.

2. Variety and versatility of options:

Mizumo has a wide variety of pre-owned professional juicers available for rent. Their inventory is constantly updated to offer modern and efficient options. Whether you need a compact-sized citrus juicer for a small café or a high-capacity juicer for a larger restaurant, Mizumo has catering machinery rental options to suit your specific business needs. In addition, their expert team can provide personalized advice to help you choose the right juicer to maximize productivity and customer satisfaction.

3. Reliable maintenance and technical support:

Mizumo cares about the satisfaction and success of its customers. Before making second-hand juicers available, they carry out rigorous inspections and maintenance processes to ensure their perfect operation. In case of any problems or technical questions, their technical support team is available to provide fast and efficient assistance. This professional and reliable care ensures that your catering business can operate without interruption and that your customers always enjoy fresh, delicious juices.

Pre-owned professional juicer rental with Mizumo offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for hospitality businesses. With versatile options, guaranteed quality and excellent technical support, Mizumo is positioned as the perfect partner to meet your needs and maximize the productivity of your business.

It is becoming increasingly common for bar or restaurant customers to be concerned about their health even when eating out. In recent years we are seeing the trend of healthy eating becoming more popular, with fruit consumption being the most popular. The latest fad is the fever for natural juices and few things are comparable to the pleasure of savoring a freshly squeezed orange juice.


Catering machinery rental: The Perfect Solution for your Hospitality Business with Mizumo

If you are in the hospitality business you will know better than anyone the great investment you have to make to equip it properly, so from MIZUMO we offer you the option of renting machinery instead of buying it.

We present you RENT-READY, a concept based on the rental of new or second hand juicer machines.

In case there is no new machinery in stock, the used machinery is revised, reconditioned and disinfected, presenting excellent conditions. Any part that may present an aesthetic or operational deterioration is replaced leaving the machinery at the time of rental as if it were new.

We offer you the catering machinery rental, juicers specially designed for its easy handling in addition to its high efficiency and large capacity. You will not have to spend a lot of money or time, to provide a good service, in addition to a good showcase for your business that will increase the profitability of your business.

Offering juices for breakfast or preparing cocktails has never been easier!

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