Daily citrus fruit consumption during athletic training may reduce muscle fatigue, as evidenced by lower blood lactate concentrations.

Muscle Fatigue

The burning sensation during strenuous exercise may be related to the build-up of lactic acid in our muscles, forcing us to stop. But that’s different than the delayed onset muscle soreness that occurs in the days following a bout of extreme physical activity.

Now, if we train, we can increase the number of blood vessels in our muscles, and clear out the lactate faster.

For example, if you take some overweight sedentary women and start them on an aerobic training program of running and walking, at the end of three months, their lactate levels during exercise decreased 17%.

But, those on the same program who drank two cups of orange juice a day decreased their levels 27%. They did the same exercise program, but the citrus group experienced “a significant decrease in blood lactate concentration”—signifying “an improvement in physical performance, with less muscle fatigue.”